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MiBAC has the honor and burden of protecting and making known Italian cultural heritage, a prestigious task in which protection and enrichment are considered as two sides of the same coin.In a social, national and international context, the dynamics and the technology of disseminating information are changing with always greater rapidity, the study of new strategies in promotion and communication of cultural heritage appears essential in order that its frequency becomes a customary habit for many.

Each year across the country MiBAC organizes events that involve all its central and local institutions, in addition to the regions and autonomous provinces, in the spirit of full cooperation between the various public and private institutions. On these occasions to meet with the public, Italian culture is enhanced through events on a national and international scale.

The Center for Educational Services of the Museum and the Territory coordinates the system of state educational services in the places of our country\'s culture: museums, libraries, archives, archaeological areas and parks, monuments.

"Enhance and promote cultural heritage internationally" is a strategic objective of the Director General who, through careful promotion policy, is pursuing some major goals that involve (thanks to agreements and multilateral initiatives) international organizations, the European Union, and foreign institutions.

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