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Cultural heritage consists in performing and overseeing all of the activities that fall under the responsibility of the Administration of Cultural Heritage, in order to promote the knowledge of the national heritage and to ensure the best conditions for use and enjoyment of the heritage itself by any audience, to stimulate the development of culture.

According to the law on cultural goods and the landscape (Article 111), promotion and enhancement of cultural goods is achieved through the “creation and stable organization of resources, structures, or networks, i.e., in the availability of technical skills or financial or instrumental resources designed for the exercise of the functions and the accomplishment of the goals” indicated in Article 6 of the same law. Such activities are open to the competition, cooperation, and participation of private entities.

Department I of the Directorate General of Management and Promotion of Cultural Heritage, among the activities pertaining to it, has the task of guaranteeing its support of the Directorate General in the development of the functions of direction and material support of the enhancement of the State’s cultural heritage, providing an increase of the quality of services produced by the Administration with particular regard for the public, in all the institutes and cultural places depending on the Ministry.

Promotion, just as in all the other activities involving cultural heritage as precious as that found in Italy, must rest on a knowledge base that supports the technical choices in directing the administration to carefully balance the strategic and operational decisions.

The Directorate General of Management and Promotion of Cultural Heritage is responsible for administering the funds provided by Law No. 77/2006 Special measures of protection and use of the Italian sites of cultural, scenic and environmental interest, inserted in the List of World Heritage, placed under the protection of UNESCO, which provides, among other things, financial assistance in support of activities to promote, communicate and use these sites.

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