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The pricing system in state-owned cultural sites: Project analysis, evaluation and proposals for change


Contact DGVAL Service I - Services to the public in places of culture, Dr. Rosaria Mencarelli – working with the University of Rome Tor Vergata (Faculty of Economics).

Objectives and expected results:
Elaboration and the development of the regulatory changes and operational matter in order to improve the system of pricing and access rules currently in places in sites of Italian culture.
Optimize levels of coordination between central and local offices for the Ministry of Culture regarding the design and the planning strategies. Development of guidelines made by the General Directorate for the Promotion of Cultural Heritage.

• Survey the current status: analysis of available data (SISTAN) and check with the Regional Offices (Regional Directorates and special schools);

• recognition of existing legislation;

• analysis of organizational systems in major European museums;

• checking with the Legislation Office for possible regulatory changes and possible changes;

• programming a schedule of audits of peripheral Institutes for design verification;

• Preparing guidelines for the Directorate General for the enhancement of cultural heritage.

Timing and progress: The project will last 10 months.
Start Date: May 2011
Exected Date of Completion: December- February 2012

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