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National system for monitoring and evaluating additional services


Contact DGVAL Service I - Public services in state-owned cultural sites, Dr. Rosaria Mencarelli, Arch. Manuel Roberto Guido, dr. Marcello Sharp

Leading Company: Structure Consulting Srl Socialmetrica performance

Objectives and expected results: Research has led to a new national system for monitoring and evaluating reports regarding additional services, a key instrument in the supervision, direction, coordination and transparency in the whole M & V system. The system ensures the provision of services to the public, while maintaining the necessary control objectives of dealers work, the usability of its information systems as a tool for continuous improvement as well as ensure the continuous accountability of these newly introduced systems.

Activities: The monitoring system was initially extended in order to encompass issues of accountability, the relationship between public and private sectors, as well as the question of quality assurance, which is inextricably linked to constant control and content and method verification. The system was therefore better equipped to assess current monitoring and evaluation reports in regards to the provision of additional services. In addition, it was able to gather information on critical issues in a timely manner and fix the current system lags.

The group has therefore developed a \"system\" to monitor and evaluate its essential components:

1) the management system, including professional relationships and responsibilities assigned;

2) documents and reports in order to monitor planning, evaluation and reporting;

3) methods and operational tools to clarify the ways in which to operate;

4) the processes and procedures put in place: identifying sequences of actions and behaviors to be implemented for proper operation;

5) information, to clarify which variables produce system inputs and outputs;

6) technology, which identifies resources and protocols to be adopted;

7) the functionality of the results, for the purposes of planning and service improvement;

8) the costs of the system, to be constantly evaluated for convenience.

The results of the project have been consolidated in the documents prepared by General Directorate for the Promotion of Cultural Heritage, which remains dedicated to exercise performance control and monitor service quality. This project is therefore, a research application whose effects will manifest themselves as soon as the new reports are due, according to the contract agreed upon.

Timing and progress:

Phase 1 - General design and indicator development for the M & V Service Concession - January-April 2011 Concluded.

Phase 2 - Development of the central computer system of monitoring and collection of national data - started, expected to be completed by the end of 2011.

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