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Preliminary study for a definition and realization project of merchandising and licencing project for MIBAC


Contact DGVAL Service I- Research and Experimentation: arch. Erminia Schiacchitano

Lead Company: ADHOC CULTURE- Projet & Management

Objectives and Expected Results: This preliminary study aims to provide insight into the opportunity to undertake and orient the Ministry for Heritage and Culture’s strategy in terms of developing cultural activities to promote and enhance MiBAC’s commercial brand. The ability to bring home a tangible memory from a visit to a museum, such as books or catalogues is an essential component of a successful visit to a cultural site. However, to date, the Italian industry of museum merchandising has not yet been explored in all its potential, in contrast with other great international museums. In this study, we hope to explore link between museum merchandising and the promotion of Italian cultural heritage in the country and abroad.

Activities: A preliminary survey was originally carried out involving the activities of other government sectors (most especially the Air Force and the Navy), which have already created an online web platform for the sales of branded items and research on legislative provisions relating to intellectual property rights, as well as Trademarks registered by MiBAC and other public contingencies. A preliminary study was then conducted for the development plan of MiBAC merchandising, including licensing agreements, which not only includes retail outlet marketing in MiBAC museums, but also in other strategic locations. In addition, the study outlines the importance of e-commerce, critical in the sites, that, during low turnout, do not allow the installation a permanent sales point.

The final report has highlighted the need for two fundamental enterprises to be taken up:” the first is to redesign the MiBAC merchandising brand and define guidelines for the graphics and visual merchandising. Furthermore, the project also requires the verification of economic feasibility.

Timing: June 1st 2010-August 6th 2010- Concluded


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