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“The museum listens”: An Investigation for the Improvement of Communications in Cultural Sites


Contact DGVAL Service I- Research and Experimentation: arch. Erminia Schiacchitano in collaboration with the MiBAC Research Department

In agreement with: the Department of Company Strategy and Quantitative Methods of the Second University of Naples and the Faculty of Economics:

Objectives and Expected Results: The survey \"The museum listening\", is designed to meet public needs and evaluate the effectiveness of communication of Italian museums. The results will be useful to MiBAC public needs to know and evaluate the effectiveness of communication of Italian museums to create guidelines and measures to improve the quality of communication in the Italian state museums, thanks to the better understanding of why the visit, the channels information used, the use of information media in museums, the assessment of their comprehension.

Activities planned: We hope to compile a datebase from the survey (in the form of a questionnaire) distributed to visitors in twelve national museums throughout Italy:

· Museo di Palazzo Ducale - MANTOVA

· Pinacoteca di Brera - MILANO

· Museo Archeologico Nazionale - CIVIDALE DEL FRIULI

· Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna - BOLOGNA

· Galleria Palatina - FIRENZE

· Museo Nazionale di Villa Guinigi - LUCCA

· Galleria Nazionale dell\'Umbria - PERUGIA

· Galleria d\'Arte Antica - Palazzo Barberini - ROMA

· Palazzo Massimo - ROMA

· Museo Archeologico Nazionale - NAPOLI

· Museo di Capodimonte - NAPOLI

· Museo Nazionale d\'Arte Medievale e Moderna della Basilicata – MATERA

We will also be examining the changes and evolutions taking place in schools and the changing needs of users and visitors through a comparive study with other similar initiatives. The data collected will also be put into parallel with the results of the 1999 “ the museum is uncertain”, create by Professor Solima on behalf of the MiBAC Research Department.

Timing and progress: Survey: December 2010- June 2011; analysis of data starting on October 30th 2011. In progress.

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