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Survey of a systematic collection of data on knowledge of public museums


Contact DGVAL Service I- Territorial Valorization; arch. Silvia Patrignani

Lead Company: Fondazione Fitzcarraldo

Objective and Expected Results: The research project aims to draw an information system on the public places of culture and the motivations behind visits to MiBAC managed sites. Through a detailed survey, we hope to better understand our current public, as well as those who refrain from visiting cultural sites. This initiative is indispensable for future programming as well as communication improvement in terms of services, incentives and visiting promotions offered.

Activities: The survey will provide information on the visitors who enter places of culture, most particularly on the manner in which they interact with these cultural sites. The investigation will be presented in parallel with similar surveys conducted in Italy in the past 15 years, including those put forward my MiBAC itself.

The conclusion of the survey will produce a critical review of museum standards and adequacy levels, which will lead to the adjustment of such standards, namely in relation with decision making, public museum policy both at the national and the local levels.

Based on the results of the survey, we will be able to identify the routes, methods, and research tools that enable the detection of MiBAC to achieve a structured and qualitative knowledge of public museums in order to better target our choices of communication and marketing.

The final report will include information and guidelines for an established MIBAC system in order to collect systematic data about our audience, which is useful in the process of enhancing the performance of individual institutions and cultural sites.

The project will also allow us to deepen our knowledge of our audience thanks to the new digital frontiers now available in museums and other cultural sites.

Timing and Progress: December 2010-June 2011.


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