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Museum Communication: Indoor Signs, Captions and Panels


Contact DGVAL Service I- Research and Experimentation; arch. Erminia Sciacchitano

Lead Company: ECCOM European Center for the Cultural Organization and Management

Objectives and Expected Results: Provide technical assistance to cultural institutions during the renewal process of their communication devices, providing them help in regards to the construction of paths, visiting services as well as clear and legible signs. Such services attempt to take into account the needs of as many people as possible, who may either have one or multiple disabilities (temporary or permanent, motor, sensory or cognitive), single individuals or families with children, Italian or foreign, young or old, and finally, with or without specific training in the history of art.

Activities: Our first opportunity to enact this initiative occurred with the construction and design of a new permanent exhibition of the Ex-Topographical building in the Central Etruria Museum. Thanks to the contribution and expertise of the Museum staff, we were able to conduct thorough research on the installation of a new communication system, mainly via interviews and visitor surveys. The activities carried out in museums will eventually lead to the development of guidelines which will extend and deepen the guidelines currently included in the manual entitled “ What is a Basic Manual on Communication”, which was part of a previous development project on the technical and scientific criteria of museums conducted in 2001. We propose to extend this activity in the near future to the survey entitled “the museum is listening”.

Timing and Progress: December 2010-November 2011


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