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Providing People with Special Needs to Cultural Heritage Sites


Contact DGVAL Service I - Special Projects; dott.ssa Gabrielle Cetorelli

Lead Company: Tandem Societa Cooperativa Sociale Integrata s.r.l.

Objectives and Expected Results: In order to ensure maximum accessibility to Italian cultural sites, DGVAL is currently coordinating a project to cultural heritage spaces with adequate infrastructures for visitors with special needs. This construction project is the product of the DM March 28 2008 Guidelines for the elimination of urban and other structural obstacles in sites of public and cultural interest. The project is made possible by our partnership with Tandem Societa Cooperativa Sociale Integrata s.r.l., as well as various national and international association. The final purpose of this project is to allow each visitor to have the ability to visit Italian sites of culture, as well as to be informed beforehand if the site in question is appropriately equipped with mechanisms for visitors with special needs.


- Identify the various Italian state-owned cultural sites

- Select a team of technical staff members from the Ministry of Culture employees

- Prepare a survey

- Design the survey thanks to the FAD design system

- Render the survey available to Ministry of Culture staff throughout the country

- Identify which cultural sites necessitate the installation of infrastructure

- Verify data obtained via the survey

- Create a method for MiBAC to enter data on the organization’s official website

- Validate the survey sheets

- Allow survey recipients to provide MiBAC with personal reviews and observations, in order for the Ministry to design systems to suit each visitor’s specific needs.

Timing and progress: February 2010-January 2012


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