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Studies and experimental application on touristic charge capacity


Conctact DGVAL Service I- Territorial Valorization dott.ssa Angela Maria Ferroni

In Agreement with: SITI-Istituto Superiore sui Sistemi Territoriali per l’Innovazione

Objectives and Expected Results: It is the responsibility of the Directorate to ensure that all ministerial activities are compatible with the requirements of environmental protection according to the principles of Article 6 and the criteria established under Article 116 of the code. We plan to launch a survey in regards to the different types of institutions and cultural sites. This results of the survey will allow us to identify which measures should be adopted within these cultural sites for proper and sustainable management.

Activities: The study conducted includes the following initiatives:

-The evaluationAof the various states of art and cultural sites and their capacity to welcome both national and international tourists, in terms of cultural heritage and landscape.

-Finalize the project draft thanks to the conclusions drawn from the study above.

-Development of performance indicators (CCT) applicable to various types of institutions and cultural sites as defined by the Code.

Purpose of the Project: Identify the possible indicators to be adopted for the monitoring and the proper and sustainable management of visitor entry in various institutions and cultural sites. This information will become useful to better target strategies and promotions in order to enhance the Ministry’s of Cultural Heritage other activities.

The ultimate aim of the project is to provide finalized guidelines for tourist visits to cultural sites, according to the Code for Cultural Heritage and Landscape. This will made possible by select national studies on the subject.

Timing and Progess: December 2010-November 2011.

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