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Study and Research Initiatives Conducted by the Guidelines Established by Articles 112 and 115 of the Code

Contact DGVAL Service I- Territorial Valorisation; dott.ssa Angela Maria Ferroni

In Agreement with: Scuola di Specializzazione in Studi sull’Amministrazione Pubblica dell’Università degli Studi di Bologna SPISA

Objectives and Expected Results: This research aims to identify the best forms of management activities according to Articles. 112 and 115 of the Code, in order to engage in the preparations of appropriate guidelines. The main purpose of the study is:

  • Support the identification of the most appropriate tools and instruments used to improve local management systems in museums and other educational cultural sites, as defined by the art.101 of the Code;
  • Provide museums, archaeological sites, monuments, archives, libraries and similar institutions with greater flexibility and operational agility;
  • Define alternative forms of direct management and the promotion of cultural heritage, as defined by the Art. 115 comma 1 of the Code, ensuring a more effective and efficient management system, all while increasing the mobility of cultural heritage.

The study includes:

  • The analysis of regulations concerning the various forms of management on one hand, and the application of regional networks and systems in cultural sites in order to apply the results found in the previous surveys and studies conducted by MiBAC;
  • The detect both strengths and failures of the surveys we have conducted thus far;
  • The definition a set of guidelines for the management of activities of cultural site, both directly and indirectly, thanks to the implementation of Articles 112 and 115 of the Code. These strategies were aimed at supporting the Ministry of Culture and its institutions in their professional responsibilities.

Timing and Progress:
December 2010-November 2011

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