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Development of an operational guide in order to render cultural site management more effective and more efficient within the scope of Italy

Contact DGVAL Service I- Territorial Valorization arch. Silvia Patrignani

In agreement with: FOCUS centro di ricerca interdipartimentale dell’Università degli studi di Roma “La Sapienza”

Objectives and Expected Results: This is a survey and study aiming to identify alternative forms of management within individual cultural institutinons in relation with public or private third parties. This relationship will enable these insitutions with technical support  and administrative aid in management, according to the Articles 112 and 115 of the Code; finding alternative ways to render management more efficient and available for use.

the study conducted includes the following activities:

  • The collection and analysis of the types of management and exploitation of local cultural institutions, this analysis will highlight the results obtained by previous surveys and studies also conducted by MiBAC;
  • Evaluation of  the types of management and promotion of local cultural institutions and systems in light of significant and comparable international examples;
  • Redefinition the many analyzes and evaluations conducted previously:
  • Development of an operational guide in order to identify patterns of management and development which would be more effective and more efficient in light of the characteristics of the Italian context.

Timing and Progress:
December 2010- November 2011

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