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Recognition, analysis and evaluation of territory promotion in Italy and abroad, identification and collection of best practises

ImmagineContact DGVAL Service I-Territorial Valorization; arch. Silvia Patringnani

In Agreement with: Società Geografica Italiana

Objectives and Expected Results: to disseminate and sustain models of cultural heritage by increasing the number of state institutions and non-governmental actors involved in territorial integration, in order to promote sustainable management of cultural heritage. This will be achieved by the relocation and redistribution of the visitor flow in large areas, hence reducing pressure on sites which normally receive a high percentage of visitor.

Activities: the study includes the following activities:

  • develop models of territorial development of cultural sites
  • strengthen and promote the integrated system of cultura sites present in small and medium-sized towns included in the UNESCO list and with reference to EDEN (European Destinations of Excellence)
  • strengthening and promoting regional strategic networks for local development
  • strengthen and promote the quality of political and social territories
  • strengthen and promote tourism demand of foreigners
  • development of systems of integrated territorial development (local systems)
  • strengthen the social sustainability through greater use of cultural heritage
  • strengthen regional identity in the international scene, as it is a factor in the internationalization of territory.

In particular, research includes the following activities:

  • survey  the patterns of territorial development in Italy and abroad
  • the analysis and evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the evaluation models identified
  • identification and collection di “best practices”
  • identification of the operational guidelines designed to support the operational and technical configurations of management for the integrated enhancement of cultural heritage

Timing and Progress:
December 2010-November 2011

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